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    First Feel Free Concierge™ Miami is a comprehensive tailor made training program done in your home or office. The program includes:


    •Hands on sessions to open the body and shift brain physiology to enable new thoughts, feelings and behaviors to optimize all of your life experiences


    •Training to learn a personal daily practice to self-activate, allowing you to access your higher brain potential whenever you choose


    •A comprehensive life map to guide you


    •A Guidebook full of information and resources essential for your continued growth


    •Free access to all local and online meditation and brain activation classes


    •Discounts on First Feel Free™ retreats


    With regular hands on sessions and a consistent 30 minute daily practice for 6 weeks or less, I can promise you will have access to more positive energy and begin to see yourself and your life with new eyes.


    Here is what one Miami client has to say:

    I met Teresa at a pivotal point in my life. I was recently single for the first time in over 15 years, and I had dreams for a better life for myself and my daughter, a novel to finish and layers of self-doubt to unpeel. She understood me, and with her calming nature she lovingly helped me map out my life. She showed be that everything I want is achievable, that dreams don’t have to stay dreams. I can do the work that it takes to make them come true.


    By working with Teresa, I was able to see the steps I can take to reach an incredible level of clarity and belief in myself. I released a lot of negativity that never really served me, and she helped me make space for the life my heart desires. Thank you, Teresa! I am forever grateful!


    Kelly Dickerson Liszt


    Benefits of Higher Brain Activation Success:

    •Opens the body and relaxes the mind

    •Increases creativity and executive functioning capacity

    •Develops focused attention

    •Increases concentration and memory

    •Develops a deeper sense of community






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