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    You need to shift your brain >>>>>>>>>>>

  • Meditation or Frustration

    Scientists Agree: Meditation Is The #1 Brain Changer. Backed by 1000's of studies, neuroscientists now view meditation and mindfulness practice as the top way to upgrade your brain, with the potential to transform your life in many big ways.


    So everyone is trying meditation and mindfulness practice these days right? And meditation-only studios are popping up all over the place soon to replace yoga studios.


    For most of us however, developing a daily practice focused on being up close and personal with our mind seems out of reach. Most of us would rather stream Netflix than be with our own stream of consciousness. It seems hopeless we can ever quiet the mind enough to feel peaceful or dare I say, blissful?

    Change Your Brain




    A landmark 2005 study by Harvard neuroscientist Dr. Sara Lazar discovered that meditators had much more density, thickness, and neural activity within their "left prefrontal cortex" — just like Albert Einstein.


    Increased "thickness" means many great things: far less anxiety and depression, improved decision making, stronger willpower, more success, more processing power, better health, the list goes on.


    If you want to get to the next level in your success, First Feel Free™ is for you!


    If you already have a meditation or mindfulness practice supporting your success or any other daily practice (anything you enjoy focusing or concentrating on is actually a meditative practice!) First Feel Free™ will take you to the next level.


    Sign up below for the password to watch the video to see the affects of First Feel Free™ Success Coaching in a real time brain scan and receive an article on Einstein's brain.


    Wishing you,


    Sat Chit Ananda (Being Consciousness Bliss)

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