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    I met Teresa at a pivotal point in my life. I was recently single for the first time in over 15 years, and I had dreams for a better life for myself and my daughter, a novel to finish and layers of self-doubt to unpeel. She understood me, and with her calming nature she lovingly helped me map out my life. She showed be that everything I want is achievable, that dreams don’t have to stay dreams. I can do the work that it takes to make them come true.


    By working with Teresa, I was able to see the steps I can take to reach an incredible level of clarity and belief in myself. I released a lot of negativity that never really served me, and she helped me make space for the life my heart desires. Thank you, Teresa! I am forever grateful!


    Kelly Dickerson Liszt, MIAMI

    New Perspective

    I'm seeing issues with another perspective and can switch off a negative feeling fast ... I feel more positive looking for solutions instead of having anxiety, MIAMI

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    Everything was a 10 and what I liked most was the non-intimidating approach Karen T, NEW YORK


    I gained a confirmation of the power & importance of this work as well as a strengthened sense of community in the work. Also, I developed a more focused intention & sense of purpose Stephanie R, NEW YORK

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    Around the world in the Bahamas, Costa Rica, the desert, the city





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