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    To authentically Voice Your Life you must First Feel Free. Teresa Schoendorf

    Born in Houston TX as Teresa Marie Schoendorf, an only child, I grew up performing and singing in a family who loved music and the arts and were frequent attendees at the theater, ballet and symphony. To soothe me into slumber when I was very young, my mother played opera by the famous Italian tenor Caruso and symphonic music by the French Impressionist composer Claude Debussy.


    In my early 20s I moved to New York City and became a professional opera singer, voice teacher and arts educator. I experienced the power of singing and sound as my first gateway to self awareness.


    After a couple of decades in NY I began a course correction that included major change in three crucial areas of life: health, work and home. I was seeking a real solution for diagnosed chronic depression with symptoms of tension, poor thinking, anxiety, negativity and physical discomfort.

    So in looking for answers I changed my life style and I began to practice yoga regularly. I learned to dance salsa. I started traveling the world and learning about different cultures and world traditions. I explored other cultures with travels to Brazil, Costa Rica and the Bahamas.


    During this time of exploration I had the opportunity to go to Rio de Janeiro Brazil. While practicing yoga in my host's home, I discovered a deeply peaceful meditative state in which I knew the unity of all opposites. It was during the yoga pose known as Savasana (resting pose or corpse pose), I had a direct experience of Non-Dual reality.


    A few months after this experience in Rio I flew to San Jose, CA, and drove up into the hills to Mt. Madonna, a center for Hindu and Yoga studies. I sat in silence for a weekend with a group of 50 or so people guided by the American meditation teacher Adyashanti. Upon my return to Brooklyn I began a daily meditation practice of sitting in silence as taught in the non-dual and Zen Buddhism traditions.


    Music, singing, yoga, meditation, dance and new cultural connections all opened up my mind and were a start to understanding how to live and feel free. But when life threw the inevitable curve ball, I would still succumb to debilitating anxiety and depression, even while on medication.


    Then in 2014, I found the key to transforming what was keeping me from fully enjoying all of life's juicy-ness.


    After I left opera, arts education and Brooklyn, I moved to Austin TX. A life-long learner, in Austin I continued to deepen my knowledge of yoga. I studied a number of different energy medicine modalities. It was during this time I discovered a brain-based meditation practice. The practice shifts energy into a very specific area of the brain known as the Pre-Frontal Cortex or higher brain.


    First Feel Free programs are based on this brain activation technique along with other meditation and energetic tools and practices.


    With First Feel Free programs my clients transform and find passion, purpose and joy in every day life.


    As of early 2018 I have openings for a limited number of clients in the First Feel Free Concierge™ program done in your own home.

    It is my deepest desire to guide you on a transformational journey to find passion, purpose and joy every day.




    First Feel Free Programs originate from these methods and life experiences

    • Mastery Higher Brain Living® Certified
    • Vocal Embodiment Specialist: Founder of Raga Bhava Guided Vocal Meditation Techniques
    • The Emotion Code Subconscious Reprogramming Practitioner
    • 1000+ Hr Registered Yoga Teacher (Krishnamacharya, Sivananda, Kundalini)
    • Yoga of the Voice, Dhrupad & Sargam Musical Systems of India Consultant
    • Human Tuning and Tuning Forks Sound Healing Practitioner
    • Healing with the Sounds of the Chakras Practitioner
    • Embody Joy Swim with Wild Dolphins Guide
    • Pranic Energy Healing Facilitator
    • King Salomon Mystery School Adept
    • PSYCH-K Subconscious Reprogramming
    • Aesthetic Inquiry Teaching Artistry with Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts
    • Professional Opera Singer and Voice Teacher
    • Vocal & Dramatic Arts Studio Founder & Director of Community Performances
    • Masters of Music in Opera Performance 
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