• Hello and welcome. Here is my personal story of singing opera & chanting Om 

    In 2014, I found the one key to transforming what was keeping me from fully enjoying all of life's juicy-ness. I found the one key to unlock the steps I needed to live my authentic life supported by work I love.


    In my early 20s I moved to New York City and became a professional opera singer, voice teacher and arts educator. Even after years of study and many performances, lots of therapy and eventually after a lot of time sitting on the meditation cushion, I still suffered from terrible anxiety, not just when I got up in front of people to sing or to teach, pretty much 24/7.


    In 2008 after a couple of decades in NY I began a course correction that included major change in three crucial areas of life: health, work and home. I was seeking a real solution for symptoms of tension, poor thinking, anxiety, negativity and physical discomfort.


    I began to travel the world and learn about different cultures and world traditions in Brazil, Costa Rica and the Bahamas. During this time of exploration I had the opportunity to go to Rio de Janeiro Brazil. While practicing yoga in my host's home, I discovered a deeply peaceful meditative state in which I knew the unity of all opposites. It was during the yoga pose known as Savasana (resting pose or corpse pose), I had a direct experience of Non-Dual reality. This experience cracked open a window for me to see life and work in an entirely new way. And I began to understand there was much more I could access within myself to move forward. But I still did not know how to consistently find this space of limitless possibility within my limited view of the world.


    Music, singing, yoga, meditation, dance and new cultural connections had all opened up my mind. I practiced yoga regularly. I became a yoga teacher. I learned to dance salsa. I started a regular meditation and mindfulness practice. And I even developed my own Vocal Meditation practices using sound healing, Ragas from India and mindfulness techniques and started leading workshops.


    But when life threw the inevitable curve ball, I would still succumb to the limiting beliefs that were creating dread, emptiness, overwhelm and panic related to my career as an opera singer and arts educator. I knew I had more to give, that there was a better way for me to live and help people.  I was beginning to understand about the power each individual has to create their own destiny based on the unique signature of their life. I felt trapped in the work I was doing in the arts because it was what had been doing for 20 years and it was all I thought I knew.


    Well, the Universe does listen. And in 2010 I was laid off from my arts education position with Lincoln Center. So, after my travels, I left Brooklyn and moved to Austin TX. In Austin I continued to deepen my knowledge of yoga. I kept developing my Vocal Meditation practices. I studied a number of different energy medicine modalities. And I was truly unhappy.


    It was during this "dark night of the soul" I discovered a brain-based meditation practice called Higher Brain Living® developed by Dr. Michael Cotton. The practice shifts energy into a very specific area of the brain known as the Pre-Frontal Cortex or higher brain.


    After one session I felt the shift and I felt free. Very soon after continuing to access my higher brain regularly, I found myself singing in front of a large audience without any fear at all. Then I found my purpose as a success coach. Using all of my skills, experience and knowledge in the arts and from my own journey of transformation

    I started helping others find freedom and success. I coach people to align with who they are on the deepest level so what they do and how they live becomes a powerful expression of all they want to be.

    With The Brain Shift program people find their personal joy and passion. They experience an increase in productivity and more personal success. They find freedom and success in life and work.


    As of early 2018 I have openings for a limited number of clients in The Brain Shift online 6 week program.

    It is my deepest desire to guide you on a transformational journey to find passion, purpose and joy every day.




    First Feel Free Programs originate from these methods and life experiences

    • Mastery Higher Brain Living Facilitator
    • Vocal Embodiment Specialist: Founder of Raga Bhava Guided Vocal Meditation Techniques
    • 1000+ Hr Registered Yoga Teacher (Krishnamacharya, Sivananda, Kundalini)
    • Yoga of the Voice, Dhrupad & Sargam Musical Systems of India Consultant
    • Human Tuning and Tuning Forks Sound Healing Practitioner
    • Healing with the Sounds of the Chakras Practitioner
    • Embody Joy Swim with Wild Dolphins Guide
    • Pranic Energy Healing Facilitator
    • King Salomon Mystery School Adept
    • PSYCH-K Subconscious Reprogramming
    • Aesthetic Inquiry Teaching Artistry with Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts
    • Professional Opera Singer and Voice Teacher
    • Vocal & Dramatic Arts Studio Founder & Director of Community Performances
    • Masters of Music in Opera Performance
    • Master of Lifestyle Transformation and Follower of Bliss
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