• Dolphins of Bimini Meet Higher Brain Humans

    Embody Joy Dolphin Retreats

    2018 dates TBD

    *Come meet the Dolphins of Bimini while you activate your brain to first feel free*


    In the magnificient natural surroundings of this northern Bahamian island, use the newest part of your brain to awaken your mind and embody joy as you connect with wild Dolphins.


    Bimini, known for healing energies, is surrounded by crystal clear, turquoise and azure blue waters harboring legends of the lost Atlantis. The leaders of dolphin swims are committed to a minimal impact. Nothing is ever done to disrupt the natural life of the dolphins: no feeding, no chasing, no handling. All interactions with the dolphins are at their own bidding. The only calls allowed are songs from an open heart and awakened mind.


    As human visitors in the domain of another species, the more relaxed, playful and connected we are as a group, the more the dolphins will be attracted to come to us and be with us.


    To support the human-dolphin connection we will gather together to experience a gentle dive into a guided self-activation practices.


    Brain-based Meditation and self-activation practices energize your Pre-frontal Cortex (aka the higher brain) and give your lower brain (aka the reptilian fight or flight brain) a break. Neuroscience has shown when the Pre-Frontal Cortex is activated you shift out of doubt, fear and analysis paralysis.


    With this self-activation energy you open to new experiences and to feelings of joy and connection to the invisible Source of all life. What could be a better state of being for meeting the Dolphins of Bimini?


    Join the Awaken Mind, Embody Joy Dolphin Retreat if you would like to:

    • Meet Dolphins living free in the Sea 
    • Slow down and get off grid
    • Learn Brain Based Self-Activation Energy Techniques
    • Develop tools to relax and increase your breathing capacity
    • Reduce stress, balance the nervous system and increase mental focus
    • Have fun in the sun and on the water in a laid back mostly undeveloped tourist area of the Caribbean
    • Stroll and swim along deserted beaches taking in the beauty of sunrises and sunsets
    • Embody joy with unexpected experiences of inter- and intra-species connection 


    •Fill out the survey below

    •Set up a time for a chat with me

    •Pay the deposit to secure your spot!

    Enrollment limited


    For my personal Dolphin Discoveries Click Here

    Dolphin Discovery Story

    • Dolphin Retreat Deposit

      Are you ready to Awaken Your Mind and Embody Joy with the Dolphins of Bimini and Higher Brain Activation?

    • Moments with Dolphins

      Take a look and enjoy!

      Connecting with Bottlenose Dolphins

      Up close encounters with Spotted Dolphins

      Spotted dolphin mama and baby with our pod May 2017

      Mama and baby Spotted with human pod

    • Meet Eye to Eye

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