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Miracle Mind Diva in Miami

Manifesting Beyond Your Dreams

Since moving to South Beach, Miami all the people I meet in the most unexpected places are meditators: my landlord, a car salesman, many South Beach goers. I have been focusing on my connection to Source energy for many years now. We attract what and who we focus on. As my inner life realigns, the outer reality follows.

A number of years ago I set a life-long intention to connect to people who meditate and who are conscious entrepreneurs, business owners and cultural creatives who know we are all connected by One Source. My new circle of Miami friends includes many people who follow Abraham-Hicks and Universal Law, practice sound healing and other alternative physical and emotional healing practices and are committed to working on themselves to be happier, healthier humans.

A recent card I drew in a group meditation circle, Dharma Unfolding, said my only "spiritual function" is to be happy as I take one step at a time knowing All is Well. Tibetan Master Djwal Khul made himself known to me as a new guide on my journey.

As more evidence that indeed thoughts create our experiences beyond our conscious mind, the night before Djwal appeared I had spent many hours in joyful-heart-vibrating-listening to the Tibetan monks chant for the Kalachakra mandala ceremony with H.H. The 14 Dalai Lama.

We attract what we focus on. Happy attracting!

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