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Dear Ones,

As some of you know I have been in major transition in all essential areas of life: health/lifestyle, finances/work/career, relationship/environment. Here is the synopsis:

It all began in 2007 with a major surgery, followed by another major surgery in 2010. In 2008 I committed to an overhaul of my lifestyle with yoga, salsa & latin dance, and meditation practices as well as international travel. In 2010 after I also committed to sobriety to be able to deepen my meditation practice, I lost my job with Lincoln Center due to the economic downturn. I continued to travel nationally and internationally. I connected deeply with lost family ties in NOLA and the expanse of the West in California. I delved deeply into life in Costa Rica and Brasil as influenced by India learning about indigenous culture, music and spiritual traditions.

After a second trip to Brazil in 2011 I began to feel it might be time to leave my Beloved Brooklyn. In order to contact the deepest wisdom and knowledge within myself (and for financial reasons), I sublet my beautiful Brooklyn home and went to live at the Sivananda Yoga Ashram in the Bahamas from January 22 to June 1, 2012. 

At the ashram l lived in a tent on the beach right next to some the most beautiful ocean views in the Caribbean. I turned inward, doing daily yoga practices including: meditation (yoga of the mind), asana (the physical aspect of yoga), philosophical and spiritual study and work as service (known as karma yoga). While in this daily routine and life I decided to sell my Brooklyn home.

Fast forward, I sold my Brooklyn home, moved to Austin Texas, bought another home and now just sold my Austin TX home. Currently I am staying with friends and do not know what will come next. 

I have never been happier, felt more daily gratitude, had more presence and clarity, been more flexible in my circumstances and in all my relationships or been or felt healthier. 

July 8

I do not even know what to say about life right now except I have never felt more alive, more in touch with each moment and more able to transition with whatever appears, inside and outside and to live each experience with the least amount of resistance and the greatest amount of honesty. Believe me when I say, once you truly surrender to What Is, which is so far beyond what we can conceive/understand/analyze, once you intend to open fully to the very essence of life as manifest through you, life is unspeakably beautiful and precious no matter what.

Sat Nam

Om Namah Sivaya


Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you

June 7

I was guided to let you know about these two book by neuroscientist Andrew Newberg, M.D. and Mark Robert Waldman, a leading expert on neuro-coaching. Both books help you get to know your brain better-on both sides. Words Can Change Your Brainteaches you techniques to improve communication skill and increase happiness in your relationships.

May 28

Every day if you choose, can be a new chapter or story. How we view the world and its events is truly a creation of our own mind. Treat your mind well. Breathe deep. Notice without judging. Focus your attention on what you'd like to increase and expand to make you happy, make you free. Be kind to yourself today.

The miracle of feeling. Always cherish your feelings-- whatever they are. They are like energetic beings paying you a visit. Even those feelings considered "bad" or "negative" are precious. It is what you do with them that counts. Start by honoring their existence. Notice them. Dialogue with with. Decide if acting under their guidance is the best thing for you and who or whatever else may be involved.

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