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Dolphin Discovery Stories

These encounters occurred with the Dolphins of Bimini while at Wildquest In Bimini, The Bahamas

Personal Dolphin Discovery Stories

June 2015 The First Encounter--

From the moment the first Dolphin crested the horizon coming into view, my heart opened and my breath deepened--while I was still on deck in the catamaran! Snorkeling in the water I felt my whole body dance as I watched these graceful creatures move through the crystal clear Caribbean sea with such ease.

Then it happened. All of a sudden I was right in front of a mature female Bottlenose Dolphin. Time stopped. Our eyes met and as I looked at her I felt a deep recognition, as if we had met before. The feeling transmitted to me during this encounter was one of complete acceptance, of unconditional love, of joyous embodiment. In that moment I knew everything was perfect and there was nothing to worry about … even after she swam away.

I am still transformed. Since that day all I have to do is close my eyes, see the mama Dolphin and I feel the acceptance, the joy of being, the love that is the essence of life. This is one of the tools I use whenever I am feeling overwhelmed and need to reconnect to my internal wisdom.

September 2016 The Second Encounter--

I was snorkeling just on the surface and suddenly I found myself face to face with two Spotted Dolphins, all three of us at a dead stop in the water, my face a mere six inches from theirs. As we peered into each others eyes for almost a full minute, I could feel these two creatures were each having a very different experience and possibly a very different opinion of me. One of my new acquaintances seemed quite amused and the other felt more curious as to just what would happen next. For me the encounter was truly beyond words.

May 2017 Encounter of a Third Kind--

One day not far off the Bimini shore in shallow waters, we met a Spotted Dolphin Mama and her one year old Baby.

They indicated they wanted us to stay around by continuing to turn toward our boat. So about 15 humans put on snorkels and fins and got into the water.

Our pod of humans stayed very close together, guided by the crew watching from the boat to change our direction as a group each time Mama and Baby moved to another quadrant of the clear Caribbean sea. Each time our human group shifted we had to reorient ourselves to where the dolphins were.

For a long time Mama and Baby kept swimming in and out of our very heart-connected human pod with total ease and trust. They were accompanied by another adult Spotted, most likely a female. She kept her distance as her companions moved in and out of our human pod, only coming close in when another fast moving boat or loud plane passed by.

To my utter joy, after being in the water for only a few minutes, Mama, with Baby very close, passed merely inches from of my face. My heart leapt wide open. They were not paying any attention to me. But wow they came so close. Then they were off and out of sight.

I was very relaxed and so happy to have had such a close encounter. Feeling content, I was ready to go back to the boat. Then suddenly there they were again, just a few inches away, right in front of me. They were so very engaged with each other, Mama and Baby, and I felt like I was watching a movie and in a movie all at the same time. I really couldn't believe they had come so close--twice. My heart was expanded beyond joy.

My thoughts were filled with appreciation, of both these Beautiful Beings From the Sea and for our very special human pod of singers and healers from Wales. The loving and open-hearted spirit of the group was certainly why these Beautiful Beings chose to spend so much time around us. What an amazing encounter had just been given to me.

After Mama and Baby passed I had to lift my head out of the water again-- as you cannot snorkel and cry at the same time. It took me a minute or so to gather my composure to be able to reposition my snorkel and place my face back in the water. My heart was as wide open as the endless crystal blue Caribbean sea.

As soon as I was able I again fixed my gaze within the crystal clear water. Almost immediately I saw the Mama Dolphin. This time by herself without Baby in tow. She looked right at me as had the Mama Bottlenose in my first encounter and the two Spotteds in my second encounter. This time I got more than a strong feeling and impression. This time the Mama Spotted dolphin spoke to me. This is what I heard her say to me as clear as a crystal bell:

"We are family".

At some point all the humans returned to the catamaran. The Mama and Baby Spotted Dolphins continued to stay near us for a couple more hours until we needed to head back to land.

During this time on the catamaran I was seated at the very front edge of the boat, right over the bow on the left side. As I was there the Mama and Baby appeared again -- and they stayed right in front of me riding the waves of the bow for what felt like eternity and was definitely somewhere way into an hour.

As I watched them staying so close to each other, touching in different ways, then moving apart only to come back together, I knew I was receiving a lesson and a message about what it means to trust, to be intimate, to find your own expression.

That morning before we went out on the boat I had a body work session with Prasuna one of the amazing staff at Wildquest. During that session Prasuna guided me to relax on the table feeling supported from the earth below. Surprised by what I felt, I shared my impression with Prasuna: underneath me I was experiencing the ocean and saw a small pod of 2 or 3 dolphins. This mini pod stayed with me throughout most of my session.

I know without a doubt the Spotted Mama and Baby Dolphin and their chaperone Auntie who were with us all that same afternoon, were the very same ones who had visited me in my session that morning.

In the realm of the Eternal, there is no time, no space, no-thing at all,

as All Is One.

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