• first feel free and Brain POWER

    First Feel Free Programs™ use a revolutionary brain-first meditation technique developed by Dr. Michael Cotton. The technique is proven to change brain physiology so you have more access to greater cognitive functioning and expanded creativity.


    To see a video of a live demonstration scroll down the page.


    Scientific studies show people with a regular meditation practice have better physical health, greater financial wealth and are living more fulfilling lives with deeper meaning and greater clarity of purpose.

  • Old Brain and New Brain


    The old reptilian brain conserves energy and keeps us safe--and stuck. Habits of thought, feeling and behavior are very difficult to change when the old brain is in charge. We do not grow, change or create anything new.

    The new higher brain is the executive center and the center of creativity where we connect to our passion, purpose and the fearless flow states full of joy.

  • Meditation or Frustration


    So everyone is trying meditation these days right? And meditation-only studios are popping up all over the place soon to replace yoga studios.


    For most of us however, developing a daily meditation practice seems out of reach. Most of us would rather stream Netflix than sit with our own stream of consciousness. It seems hopeless we can ever quiet the mind enough to feel peaceful or dare I say, blissful?

    Change Your Brain




    Watch the short video below which demonstrates the technique proven by scientific studies to change brain physiology.


    Changing your brain physiology PREPARES your BRAIN to MEDITATE!


    If you have a meditation practice or any other daily practice (anything you enjoy focusing or concentrating on is actually a meditative practice!) this will take you to the next level. If you are struggling with your practice or or anything in your life, these brain-first techniques are for you.


    Sign up below for the password to watch the next video to see the affects of the technique in real time brain scan and receive an article on Einstein's brain.


    Wishing you,


    Sat Chit Ananda (Being Consciousness Bliss)

  • Click on the video for a short explanation and a demonstration of the Higher Brain activation technique with founder Michael Cotton.

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    See the brain scan and learn about Einstein's brain

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