• Vocal Meditation™ Practices: Sound, Mind Body Yoga

    Why meditate?

    Now more than ever is a time for self-care. Meditation is the gateway to self-care through taking the time to be with yourself and cultivating self-acceptance and love. Once these qualities are within us, self-care comes naturally just the way any injured animal knows what to do to heal. Just think how our bodies automatically heal any cut to the skin-- as long we clean it and protect it.


    Meditation cleans out the useless stuff and protects the mind so we thrive. Below are descriptions of some styles of vocal meditation™ practices.


    Vocal Meditation™ is a style of yoga using sound, mind and body practices.


    In Miracle Mind Coaching you discover a style of meditation that works for you as you are guided to explore techniques from yoga, neuroscience and embodiment modalities.

    Energy-Body Vocal Meditation™

    Voice Your Life Signature Practice

    The voice, outer sounds and gentle movement

    Connecting to the vibrations of your voice focusing on the energy centers of the body, you are guided and supported by ancient instruments, modern soundscapes and other voices


    Specific Benefits:

    Opens the body and relaxes the mind

    Calms overactive thoughts and energizes the body leading you to focus on an a chosen intention

    Engages the creative part of the brain

    Brings insight

    Great for anyone ready for a change in any aspect of life

    Breath-Body Guided Meditation:

    Higher Brain Activation

    Outer and inner sounds, gentle movement

    Dropping into the breath, you become an observer of each moment, guided to listen and be with the in and out flow of breath like waves upon the shore


    Specific Benefits:

    Opens the body and relaxes the mind

    Reduces reactivity and stress
    Great for just chillin' and cultivating stillness

    More body awareness: great for the very active and the very inactive

    Helps with focus on physical tasks as well as pain management

    Raga Bhava Guided Meditation™

    Voice Your Life Signature Practice

    Musical, vocal, outer and inner sounds

    Coming into a group unison within a specific frequency you are guided in the ancient method of Call & Response to explore within the realm of a Raga, eventually being set free to find your own individual path in harmony with the group


    Specific Benefits:

    Opens the body and relaxes the mind

    Balances both hemispheres of the brain

    Balances the nervous system

    Develops the musical mind

    Develops focused attention

    Develops Oneness

  • Online Private Vocal Meditation™ Session

    Awake Mind, Embody Joy with a Vocal Meditation™ Practice

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