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    Ignite your brain's highest potential


    I've experienced more clarity, less stress, improved awareness and higher energy levels. The dramas in life have become non-issues. I am elated!

    --Robert Lawn, President & CEO of RML Corporation


    Since beginning Higher Brain [Activation] I am exercising more, feel healthier, have increased my income five-fold and have expanded my circle of friends. I continue to journey into a deeper experience of life, beauty, balance and love. --Betsy Odya, Real Estate Broker


    I've experienced the release of deep-seated sadness and now feel sheer exhilaration. I feel calmer, healthier and more at "home within". --Patricia Lawn, Hypnotherapist

  • Miracle Mind Coaching

    Be Still, listen and know Your True Self

    Information, Lightness, Inner knowing and Physical Well Being

    Online Session Results:

    I feel so much lighter! Judie S. from Sarasota, FL, session to gain clarity and resolve to take healthy actions in an emotionally and financially draining relationship.


    [Durga-t] integrated toning, breathing, visualizing and chakras [specific parts of the body] to focus my attention on what I need to know now to BE more of who I AM. DJ from BC Canada, session to "Create a New Money Resonance"


    I got a lot of information and saw many different relationships and images from my life as we toned each energy center. Collin M a yogi and super yacht world traveller from Ireland, session to begin working more deeply with the different chakra-energy centers


    I arrived with fingers and toes that were white from a decrease in blood supply (Raynaud's phenomenon). Teresa instructed me to begin with a breathing exercise which included raising my arms above my head. Simple and effective! By the time we finished my hands were nice and warm again.. It was therapeutic and fun, a perfect combination. Marie F from Brooklyn, NY, session to "improve circulation" and overall health


    Sense of Community and Purpose

    Everything was a 10 and what I liked most was the non-intimidating approach Karen T from NY, NY, workshop participant


    I gained a confirmation of the power & importance of this work as well as a strengthened sense of community in the work. Also, I developed a more focused intention & sense of purpose Stephanie R from NY, NY, workshop participant

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