• The Origins of Happy Brain Activation & Miracle Mind Coaching

    Teresa Durga, MM, RYT

    Happy Brain Activation & Miracle Mind Coaching


    The Origins and Techniques Comprising Miracle Mind Coaching & Happy Brain Activation include …

    • Higher Brain Living® Mastery Facilitation
    • Embody Joy Swim with Wild Dolphins Retreats
    • Pranic Energy Healing
    • King Salomon Mystery School Adept
    • 1000+ Hr Yoga Teacher (Krishnamacharya, Sivananda, Kundalini)
    • PSYCH-K Subconscious Reprogramming
    • Yoga of the Voice Sound Healing
    • Dhrupad & Sargam Musical Systems of India
    • Human Tuning and Tuning Forks Sound Healing
    • Healing with the Sounds of the Chakras
    • Aesthetic Inquiry Teaching Artistry with Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts
    • Professional Opera Singer
    • Vocal & Dramatic Arts Studio Owner, Voice Teacher, Director, Producer
    • Masters of Music in Opera Performance (singing opera is all about intention, focus and moving energy!)

    And a narrative from the beginning … coming soon!

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