• Do you want better relationships?

    Happier communications? More personal meaning & more love in your life?


    You need sustainable positive energy, focus and {intrinsic*} motivation


    You need a Happy Brain

  • The Happy Brain journey with Teresa Durga and Miracle Mind Coaching


    How Miracle Mind Coaching gives you more Positive Energy • Focus • {intrinsic} Motivation


    Miracle Mind Coaching manages and shifts energy in the body and brain so you can experience more love, personal meaning and better relationships.


    Using EEG verified methods of shifting energy in the brain, you activate the newest part of the brain, your Higher Brain or the Pre-frontal cortex.

    Why you need Miracle Mind Coaching now ...


    We are on the edge of the New Human.

    Modern neuroscience is showing us that our brain actually changes by what and how we think. 21st century science tells us we can change no matter our age or condition with the discovery of Neuroplasticity in the brain. There is proof our DNA can choose how it expresses itself in the new science of Epigenetics.


    We live in exciting times, ripe with multiple possibilities for a meaningful life of joy and abundance. Even if it seems otherwise. We have a choice. Here is more "proof":


    Modern physics and ancient wisdom traditions tell us that everything has a frequency and nothing is actually solid. Sound frequencies have the ability to shift brain states and perception, as well as move matter. We only have to recall a favorite song to change our mood and sound waves break glass and heal kidney stones.


    Ancient healing modalities from both the West and East have always known ...


    what is invisible carries the cure ...


    How you can get started …

    1) Try a 12 min Happy Brain Morning Guided Practice



    2) Sign up below: FREE Awake to Life Chat

    Blessings to you today and always!


  • Awake Retreats

    Awake Retreats and Immersions are for anyone interested in having an Awake to Life experience. They are always located in one of the Earth's most beautiful and awe-inspiring places*. Current clients and first-timers to Miracle Mind Coaching are invited.


    *Awake Retreats very often include Dolphins


    Click here: Embody Joy HBL Dolphin Retreat

  • Miracle Mind Online Coaching Premiere Package: Awake to Life

    What's Included:

    •10 Happy Brain Activation Sessions

    •Two Months of Guided Daily Practice Happy Brain Calls

    •Higher Brain Life Mapping

    •Customized program specifically designed for you to increase energy, focus and ignite intrinsic motivation to have all the love and meaning in life you could ever want

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