• Are you a high impact leader in a successful career or business who has out of control stress?


    Does this stress impair your performance, create tension, cause worry or keep you from being your very best?


    Have you tried medication, massage, yoga, meditation, physical therapy, acupuncture or other methods to overcome these debilitating conditions with little or unsustained results?


    Are you ready to get rid of the tension, poor thinking, anxiety, depression and physical discomfort ruining your perfect life?

  • Welcome to Miracle Mind Coaching where you


    Turn stress into success


    "I've experienced more clarity, less stress, improved awareness and higher energy levels. The dramas in life have become non-issues. I am elated! " Robert Lawn, President & CEO of RML Corporation


    Create a Happy Brain to live every day with


    Positive Energy • Focus • {intrinsic} Motivation


    "I gained a confirmation of the power & importance of this work as well as a strengthened sense of community in the work. Also, I developed a more focused intention & sense of purpose" Stephanie

    Miracle Mind Coaching techniques are scientifically verified by EEG to shift energy enabling you to turn your stress into success.


    The newest part of the brain, your Higher Brain or the Pre-frontal cortex becomes activated and


    With the newest part of the brain engaged you will get rid of tension, anxiety, depression and the accompanying symptoms of low energy, lack of focus and weak motivation.


    "I've experienced the release of deep-seated sadness and now feel sheer exhilaration. I feel calmer, healthier and more at home within." Patricia Lawn, Hypnotherapist

    Why you need Miracle Mind Coaching now ...


    Life is short. By changing your brain you have the power to change your life.


    21st century science tells us we can change no matter our age or condition with the discovery of Neuroplasticity in the brain.


    There is proof our DNA can choose how it expresses itself in the new science of Epigenetics.


    The great wisdom traditions of the East & West have always known of these miraculous changes of mind and body now verified by Western science.


    How you can get started right now … for only $5

    Download a 12 min Happy Brain Morning Guided Practice




    Blessings to you today and always!

    Teresa Durga

  • Happy Brain Activation: Energy Moves

    EEG studies verify Happy Brain Activation moves energy into the newest part of the brain, where both Executive Functioning and Intuition bring clarity, joy, sense of purpose and motivation

    For more info email me at: divadas@gmail.com

  • Happy Brain Mastermind Online Group Coaching Program


    What's Included:

    •12 Weeks of Guided Happy Brain Activation Sessions

    •Guided Step by Step Life Mapping

    •Accountability and assessment tools

    •Facebook Mastermind Group

    •A program specifically designed for you to repurpose your stress to get rid of tension, anxiety, negativity and depression and increase peace, joy, confidence and abundance in all areas of your life

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